Teach Me To Talk with Laura and Kate for February 26, 2009 – We’re Taking Your Questions!!!

Join Kate and me this week for Teach Me To Talk with Laura and Kate on Thursday, February 26 at 6:00 pm Eastern time.

This week we’re going to answer some e-mails and comments I’ve received lately here on the website. It’s not too late to submit your questions! Get them in before 6 tomorrow, or better yet, call us for our off the cuff answers, which are usually more fun anyway!

Our call-in number is 1-718-766-4332. We’d love to hear from you!

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Hope you’ll join us! Laura


  1. says

    Now I remember what I wanted to ask you! :o) Do you see a new time slot in your future? I can never make the 6 o’clock show! It’s the height of chaos here during that time span. I was wondering if it was just me … I’d love to be able to call in again. I have missed so many opportunities!

    You know I’ll be listening to the replay! I love your off-the-cuff responses! They are always perfect! I hope you have lots of callers!

    Hugs! Annette and Jake

  2. Laura says

    Thanks to Kate for a great show! Tonight we talked about the comments and emails I’ve received in the last few days, so if you sent in a question, we may have addressed it on the air.

    Our biggest discussions were about not recognizing language comprehension and interaction problems as the source of a child’s expressive language delays, red flags for autism and other serious developmental issues, why we can’t change the time slot for the show, what to do once your child is talking and becomes disrespectful to you, AND children who play with and eat poop! If you need some info about these topics or are interested in our off the cuff remarks, listen in!

    Anytime you’d like to send me a comment to discuss on air, I’d love to take a whack at it! Post your comment here or send me an email to laura@teachmetotalk.com.


  3. Laura says

    One more thing about this week’s show – the beginning is plagued with technical issues beyond our control with blogtalkradio. Sorry!

    However, I think the sound quality is much better this week. Listeners have complained that it’s difficult to hear me so they turn the volume way up, and then are blasted when Kate talks. I’ve switched phones now AND focus on holding the mouthpiece right in front of my mouth and talking louder. What a solution, huh? Thanks for the feedback! Laura

  4. says

    Dear Laura,
    I would like to order the DVD by phone or snail mail (can’t order online). How do I do so? I’m the frustrated mom of a 24 month old who has no discernible speech except “yum yum” and “uh-uh” for no; occasionally “dada”, with pointing or leading for getting needs met. My pediatrician wanted me to wait until he was two; I finally got an early intervention eval on my own by a State ST who will recommend intervention and am waiting for a developmental eval this weekend to complete the eval process. Thanks for your helpful website. I can’t wait to try the sign language and other techniques; when I have tried to teach “more” sign in the past, my child would just walk away and avoid eye contact…any ideas to speed the process along would be great. Thank you.

  5. Tahna says

    Laura and Kate,
    Just wanted to say thanks for doing the show. I listen to them all, and it’s really helped me understand so much. Thanks for your dedication, it means more than I can say, and I’m sure many many parents feel the same way

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