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October 15, 2009 | Laura | Comments 4

“Teach Me To Talk with Laura and Kate” for Thursday, October 15, 2009

On this week’s podcast we’ll be answering a mom’s questions about her 19 month old son with language and other developmental delays. Listen in for the very practical advice we give her for ways to work with him at home!!  

You can listen live on Thursday, October 15 at 2 pm Eastern Time using this icon. Listen to Teach Me To Talk with Laura and Kate on internet talk radio

If you can’t join us live, you can always listen later anytime using the blogtalkradio icon in the right hand column or on the home page.

Our show is also available for FREE download on itunes. Visit the itunes store and search “Teach Me to Talk with Laura and Kate.” For you itunes novices, choose subscribe, and the show will download so you can listen later with your ipod.

Hope you’ll join us! Laura

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  1. can you please show or advise me where to post my concerns please laura so i can get a reply. i really love mmy son and for myself i need advice,as im a worried mum! defo,lol.i think ive commented on ur post instead,i think thata why ive not got a reply

  2. Melissa - I can’t find your question, so perhaps it didn’t post? Post it again so I can try to help you. I’ll also see if you left your email address and try to contact you directly. I can’t always do that, but I’ll try for you! Laura

  3. I came across your website and it looks like its looked really interesting! I am thinking of buying your teach me to talk dvd. My daughter is almost 3 and does not talk in sentences yet. She says some words but not what she should be doing at this age. She understands and hears everything just fine. She knows how to follow simple directions and responds to yes or no questions by saying yes or no. She points to what she wants or goes and gets it for me. She knows 1-10, the alphabet and shapes and colors. I of course have to say “where is the color purple or where is the number 5″ and she’ll point it or go get it etc. She’s almost potty trained and brushes her teeth on her own…she does stuff independently and likes it. She’s great with building blocks, play doh, imitating me or what she sees on her videos, very active, jumps around, throws the ball and kicks it etc. She gives high-fives, is affectionate and has a great sense of humor. She says a handful of words like apple, again, mom, dada, I do, I go, up, down, me, yes, no, kick etc etc. She said her name before but when I ask her to repeat it she tells me no. Me and husband actually did hear her say a full sentence before “I don’t know why” it was very clear but when we ask her to repeat it she says no. She’s just not pushing the words out of her mouth in sentences as frequently like she should be at this age. I sometimes see her watching my lips and mouthing what I’m saying too. Her receptive language is great and her hand gestures of what she’s describing she wants is clear too. She even picked up some sign language she learned from a speech pathology DVD I bought(Baby Babble). She met all of her milestones up until she was at the age of where her vocabulary should have increased. I was told she could have an expressive language issue going on or just a late bloomer. I think your dvd will help me increase what I’m doing now and help out much more. What do you think?

  4. Hi Joanne. I’d definitely recommend Teach Me To Talk for you. The last sections should be very helpful for you. I’d also encourage you to have her evaluated by a speech-language pathologist to address her issues and help you know how to work with her at home. In the meantime get the DVD and implement the strategies. Children whose parents work with them have much better outcomes than parents who do nothing other than worry! Good luck to you! Laura

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