Early Speech-Language Development: Taking Theory to the Floor Conference Outline


  1. Ann says

    Will you be recording this conference? I will not be able to attend since I live in PA, but I am very interested in the topics. Please let me know if a DVD or print out will be available.

  2. Laura says

    Ann – I am going to be offering these conferences throughout the eastern USA in the next year, so I hope you’ll come see me when I’m close to you! Thanks for asking! Laura

  3. Julie says

    I am also in PA and would love to attend a conference. I looked for a schedule online but was not able to locate it. When/where will you be on the east coast?

  4. Jenny says

    I will not be able to attend since I live in California…any chance you may bring your conference to the west coast as well? I am a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and have found your DVD’s to be a great resource to share with parents! Thank you! I hope to attend one of your conferences next year.

  5. Laura says

    Jenny – We are certainly hoping to be on the west coast before too long! All of my dates this fall will be in the mid-west in Indiana and Ohio, but keep checking back over the next few months to see a full schedule. Thanks so much for asking! I’d love to come to California since I’ve never been 🙂 Laura

  6. Laura says

    Julie – I don’t have east coast dates officially booked yet, but we are looking at our schedule for that next year. Keep checking back! I hope to see you there!! Laura

  7. Carol says

    I am an SLP (EI) in upstate New York. I hope to attend a conference next year and will keep looking for your schedule.


  8. Laura says

    All Conferences begin with registration at 8:15. Conference begins promptly at 8:45. Lunch on your own 12 – 1. Conference ends at 4:15. See you there!

  9. Michele Mann says

    When and where is your next conference scheduled? Also do you offer a condensed version of your program and speak at other conferences?

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