Read What Professionals Said About My First Conference in Fishers

Wow! I’m so blown away by all of the tremendously positive feedback I received from participants at my first conference in Fishers, IN on August 26. Thank you ladies! I had a BLAST with you!

“I really enjoyed her presentation style. I loved that she obviously treats 0-3 kids, in a home, on the floor! This is the most interesting and truly useful course I have attended in years.” Jen, SLP

“….boat-load of treatment information presented!!!” Shannon, SLP

“I thought she was very down-to-earth, expressive, intelligent and to the point!” Kelly, DT

“Great personality as a presenter… good balance of professionalism and telling it like it is.” Kathleen, SLP

“Wonderful job, Laura. You were very good at keeping my attention and being realistic.” Mindy, DT

“Actually covered all of the advertised content. Wasn’t sure how we could cover that much in one day, but you did a great job.” Shiela, DT

“Best seminar I’ve been to in a long time. Useful information. Great speaker!” Donna, SLP

“Extremely helpful information for a real-world therapist. Covered lots of ground, but was thorough enough to be really useful.” Sonja, SLP

“I loved this presentation! It was so helpful. Laura was engaging and funny and taught practical ideas that I really need. It was fabulous! Thank you so much!!!” Elizabeth, DT

“I have been practicing for many years and use all the ideas you have presented. However, you have given me more tools to use with parents and organized the hierarchy much better.” Peni, SLP

“Wish I had this (course) 7 years ago when I was starting out as a DT and taking on speech kids. This was one of the bewst and most useful conferences. Thanks for being so DT friendly!” Courtney, DT

“She was so fun and easy to listen to! The day flew by and made the information exciting and fun to learn.” Ali, SLP

“I liked seeing the videos with concrete examples of the therapy and how it worked. I am a new DT and this was very helpful.” Tammy, DT

“So much fun! This made me stop and think about what I’m doing or not doing. Great job of keeping things real.” Lisa, DT

“She was excellent! I can’t wait to share this information with my families. I will recommend this to my co-workers.” Jennifer, SLP

“Very energetic and knowledgeable. Great job of breaking down information and organizing material.” Mandy, SLP

“Loved her energy and passion while presenting. She has MUCH applicable and informative tools to utilize in my work setting. Great organization!! This course was very useful and directed specifically to the birth to 3 population. Thank you, thank you for bringing this simple yet very practical techniques to Indy! I thoroughly enjoyed this session.” Alissa, SLP

“This conference was so worth my time! Very informative Laura did such a great job packing in so many useful tools! Thank you for such a GREAT conference!” Julie, SLP

“Great use of materials. Thanks for making it real-life things I can actually use in therapy.” Carrie, DT

“Very engaging! The best workshop I have been to!” Kacey, DT

“Love the real-life examples, videos, and handouts. Thank you!” Lynn, SLP

“Terrific use of video examples to demonstrate therapy strategies. I loved your candid style – it helped me to related to my own clinical experience. I really benefited from strategies to teach parents and therapy/treatment ideas to jump start what I’m already doing.” Brynne, SLP

“Excellent job! I loved coming and learned a lot!” Emily, OT

“Excellent conference and tons of functional carryover.” Anna, SLP

“I’m a DT with clients with speech problems. I feel better equipped to go out and help my kiddos! I think you did a wonderful job. This makes me more confident in my therapy.” Adrienne, DT

“Strategies matched what I do, but putting in specific organization that I can present to parents made this information very helpful!” Susan, SLP

“So interesting to listen to! Great ideas and great presentation!” Jill, SLP

“I appreciate the real life examples and video clips that were used. You are very approachable as a presenter.” Kathryn, SLP

“You are a great presenter. Your personal stories make it interesting and enhance your presentation. You are fantastic! I have enjoyed your presentation and the DVD I have at home! Thanks for all you do!” Angela, DT

“Energetic and informative! Great videos, visuals, and hand-outs!” Chelsea, DT

“Best conference I have gone to in YEARS!” Renee, SLP

“Wonderful interaction with audience. Wonderful way of making therapy in homes practical and effective.” Megan, SLP

“Loved it! Real life and just what I needed! This has been very helpful in organizing my thoughts.” Chelsea, DT

“Very personable, funny, and animated. Very functional teaching style and materials.” Marlene, SLP

“I really enjoyed learning the speech information. The handouts were great for parents and myself.” Abbey, DT

“You are a natural Laura! Presentation was more conversational than lecture. Fabulous handouts! Love how you listed skills addressed for each social game which is great for parents! Very thorough and fun presentation! I love the focus on social/interaction skills!” Dana, SLP

“What a great conference!! I got many great ideas for things to do with the kids and information to share with the parents. Many of these things I can use tomorrow! Thank you for sharing with us. You did a GREAT job!!!” Jennifer, SLP

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