Therapy Tip of the Week for 1.31.12

Hi! I’m adding a new feature here at in an effort to share therapy ideas for therapists and other professionals who work with toddlers.

Each week I hope to post a new video along with a short written summary with links to any articles or products I mentioned in the video.

Here’s this week’s segment:



1.31.12 – Homemade Activities To Target Attention & Task Completion

This week’s tips include activities you can easily make to target attention and task completion as well as early cognitive skills (cause & effect/simple problem solving) and even early color matching.

These activities are best for very young children who are functioning at the 9-12 and 12-18 month developmental levels. Sometimes this developmental group is more of a challenge to treat due to their lack of interest in “baby toys,” yet they may not have the cognitive or motor skills necessary to play with more traditional toddler toys. These kinds of activities may also be used for older children with significant developmental delays who need extra practice with fine motor skills. Lastly, these are super “homework” ideas for moms to use?during daily routines as a diversion for a busy toddler or during 1:1 play time with an adult.



Language Concepts to target during these activities:

Early Prepositions: In, Out

Verbs: Push, Squeeze, See, Look

Any Exclamatory Word: Yay, Wow, Oops, Uh-Oh, Clank (as sticks hit the bottom of the container) and any other novel sounds you can come up with to help the child also focus on you!



Articles & Products Mentioned:

Ditch the….?

How can I help my toddler learn more words?

Teach Me To Talk: The Therapy Manual




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