Therapy Tip of the Week 3.2.12

Here’s this week’s Therapy Tip of the Week:

Therapy Tip of the Week for 3.2.12

BALL TOYS in  Speech Therapy for Late Talkers and Toddlers with Speech Delays 

Balls are developmentally appropriate and a fun toy for toddlers between 1-3 years old. Remember that you’re looking at a child’s developmental age here. Let’s face it; even older kids love balls!

Ball is also a great, early word for late talkers. Why? Because the word “ball” meets all the criteria for Word Selection for Establishing an Early Vocabulary. Those 3 keys are:

1. Choose high frequency words – meaning words a toddler hears often.?Most families own a ball, and likely, more than one, so it’s not a new brand word.

2. Choose easy words -meaning words with simple syllable construction.

Many toddlers, even those with typically developing speech-language skills, say ball as “ba.” It’s a consonant-vowel (CV) combination which makes it among the 5 earliest syllable patterns we note with babies and toddlers. (For a brand new talker, please don’t overemphasize articulation or getting the right sounds in the right places just yet. Praise his attempts. Many children don’t master final /l/ until they’re 3 or 4 or even older!)

3.  Choose words with sounds he can already say – meaning you’ve heard the child use the sounds in other words or in babbling/jargon.

“Ball” begins with an initial /b/, which is a bilabial or a sound made with both lips. Bilabials /b, p, m/ are usually among the first sounds babies acquire. Ideas for helping a child learn to get his lips together were included in the video.

Some of my favorite ball toys and the concepts/words to target with each are included in the video.

By watching the video I hope you’ll get some new ideas for sessions or playing with your own child! If your child is difficult to connect with during play, you may need some better suggestions! Check out my book Teach Me To Play WITH You for step-by-step instructions for helping a toddler learn to play fun games and simple toys. If you need to SEE that kind of play take a look at my DVD Teach Me To Talk. Click the links!

I welcome your feedback or questions!

Until next week – Laura

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