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HUGE Course Sale


Are you looking for courses specifically designed for SLPs who work in early intervention? You’ve come to the right place!

I specialize in treating toddlers and young preschoolers with communication delays and disorders and I have 3 full-length, ASHA approved CE courses for SLPs and other therapists who work in birth to 3 and early preschool programs.

My courses are on DVD and PERFECT for convenient and cost-effective CEUs. ASHA Professional Development programs always cost less when you and your colleagues purchase as a group!

Don’t miss this deal! Courses are on sale for 20% off! 

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Early Speech-Language Development: Taking Theory to the Floor – 12 hours – 1.2 ASHA CEUs –  Comprehensive course with strategies for ALL aspects of language development in young children! See over 50 video clips of therapy sessions. The excellent, copy-ready handout section is perfect for parent education! Regular $199 – Sale $159

Steps to Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers – 6 hours – .6 ASHA CEUs – Step-by-step approach for moving a nonverbal toddler from words to phrases. EASY to implement with families during home visits or in a clinical or preschool setting. Regular $99 – Sale $79

Is It Autism? Recognizing Toddlers and Preschoolers with Red Flags for ASD  11 hours or 1.1 ASHA CEUs – If you’re unsure when a young child would receive a diagnosis of autism, this course is for you! Sharpen your clinical eye with Part One. In Part Two, learn the 10 BEST treatment initial treatment approaches for young children who are at risk to receive an autism diagnosis. Plan EFFECTIVE strategies to help toddlers make faster, measurable progress. Regular $175 – Sale $140
All proceeds from this sale go to the funding of our new clinic – PROCEEDS not profit. And… Johnny and I are matching the money. If you haven’t read about our project, check out the details here.
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