Ideas for Toddlers Who Hate Books…’s Therapy Tip of the Week 1.10.15

  Imagine my surprise today when I found a Therapy Tip of the Week we've never published! It's from the vault... so to speak... Ideas for Toddlers Who Hate Books In this Therapy Tip of the Week video, I'll... [Read more...]

#252 Ideas for Toddlers Who Don’t Like To Sit Still

Here's the truth... MANY late talking toddlers can't (not WON'T) sit still. In this week's podcast I explained possible reasons for why a child doesn't "sit" very well and then more importantly, I moved on to talk about ideas that WORK for... [Read more...]

Gear Up for 2015 with Winter Therapy Activities for Toddlers

Hi there! I hope your new year is off to a fantastic start! I'd like to help you get organized for fun therapy activities for the next couple of months for toddlers with delayed speech-language skills. I have 2 fabulous tools to share with... [Read more...]

#251 Vocabulary Development for Toddlers Who Seem “Stuck”

In this week's show I answered a question from an SLP Assistant about helping a verbal toddler expand vocabulary when they appeared to be "stuck." I read her question and then discussed how I approach thinking about young children in this situation.... [Read more...]

Using Books to Teach Toddlers Language and Play… VIDEO from

If you've picked up any parenting book or studied anything related to educating children for at least 5 minutes, you know that you should be reading to a  young child pretty much from the time he exits the womb... That's fantastic advice for... [Read more...]