#285 11 Skills Toddlers Use BEFORE Words Emerge. #7 Understands What Words Mean

Today we're continuing our series with the 11 skills toddlers must master before words emerge. Today we're talking about skill #7 - Understanding Familiar Words. SLPs refer to this skill as receptive language, language comprehension, or auditory... [Read more...]

“Is It Autism?” NEW Course on DVD for SLPs and Other Therapists who Provide Early Intervention Services to Toddlers

"Is It Autism?" Recognizing and Treating Toddlers and Preschoolers with Red Flags for Autism NEW COURSE on DVD - Anticipated Release Date 5/15/16   Whenever I ask therapists to list their needs for future workshop topics, overwhelmingly... [Read more...]

#284 11 Skills Toddlers Must Use Before Words Emerge – #6 Understanding Gestures

In this podcast I'm discussing the importance of helping a child learn to understand gestures and nonverbal communication, the next skill toddlers achieve before first words emerge. A child who understands gestures others use is connected... [Read more...]

Tried and True Methods for Helping a Late Talker Use More Words

Tried and True Methods for Helping a Late Talker Use More Words Today I received an email from an SLP who asked me this question: “How can I get a child on my caseload who can talk to say more words during a session? He likes me. He likes... [Read more...]

It’s Too Much! Signs of Sensory Overload in Toddlers

It's Too Much! Signs of Sensory Overload in Toddlers Today I read a survey reported by the Academy of Pediatrics that said the average six- month-old in America watches half an hour of something per day on a mobile device. A third of them were... [Read more...]

When A Toddler Doesn’t Play With Toys…teachmetotalk.com’s Therapy Tip of the Week 4.9.16

Isn't it frustrating when a toddler doesn't seem to want to play with toys? This is a fairly common issue in young children with developmental delays. Our first instinct may be to think that the child doesn't like the toy (or any toy!), but that's... [Read more...]