It’s a CEU Rush at!

Do you need CEUs before the end of the year? My continuing education courses for speech-language pathologists are flying off our shelves! It's not too late for you! Here's an overview post for earning ASHA CEUs for SLPs. Don't need ASHA... [Read more...]

#250 Teaching a Toddler to Match

Not sure what's happened to blogtalkradio, the site where we host our podcast, but we had some issues finding our embed code for last week's show... so... here it is in a different format.... [Read more...]

Fascinating Research about Simplifying Language to Help Toddlers Learn to Say New Words

I just love a good Ted Talk. How about you? I first heard this one when it was brand new in last year and I have thought about it and thought about it and thought about it. I've decided to share it so you can think about it too. I... [Read more...]

“What Should I Order?” …Product Recommendations from

Have I told you before that I get between 200 and 300 emails a day? As you can imagine, I can't possibly get through all of those every day. Most of those emails ask some version of this question: "What should I order?" I so enjoy... [Read more...]

A Review of Steps to Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers on DVD

Almost everyday I receive a request from a blogger or website to review one of our DVDs or therapy manuals. I did that fairly frequently when I launched in 2008 to get our name out there and 'build a brand,' but I don't really do... [Read more...]

Jingle Bells… EASY Speech Therapy Idea for Toddlers at Christmas

It's December 1! What did you do today? I spent a big part of my day pulling together SUPER FUN speech therapy ideas for my little friends for Christmas. I'll be sharing all of those activities this month here at so... [Read more...]

Tips for SLPs for Moving on When You’re Stuck in a Rut! Part One

Did you listen to my podcast earlier this week? It was a good one! I talked about how to get yourself out of a rut! Have you been there before? I certainly have and this fall during conference season, I talked to several therapists,... [Read more...]

#249 Stuck in a Rut? How to Get Out and Move On for SLPs

In this week's show I talk about 6 ways to pull yourself out of your professional rut. While this advice is specifically for speech-language pathologists and other professionals who work in pediatrics or early intervention, the recommendations... [Read more...]