#255 Goal Writing, Fatigue during Therapy, The Power of Distraction… all topics on this week’s show!

I almost buried the lead in my title! In this show I spent LOTS of time talking about what to do for "strong-willed," "stubborn," "lazy," "defiant," and "headstrong" toddlers. It may be different than what you think!! We'll also talk about the... [Read more...]

KSHA 2015!

If you're coming to the Kentucky Speech and Hearing Convention this week, come see me! We're ready to go in the Exhibit Hall and... join me in the Cascade Ballroom tomorrow afternoon to talk about PLAY! I'm so excited, I bet I'll... [Read more...]

“Will She EVER Talk?” Questions from a mom with twins with autism

Tonight I received this email from a mom desperate for advice. I've omitted her name, her children's names, and the location to protect her anonymity, but I wanted to share her question because it's the same one that many, many of you ask me... [Read more...]

#254 Cute Ideas for Valentine’s Day for Toddlers in Speech Therapy Sessions

There's still time to pull together some last minute therapy ideas for Valentine's Day this week!!!   Listen up for my CUTE & EASY Ideas for Valentine's Day for Toddlers Podcast!  (click the link to... [Read more...]

#253 Witnessing the Onset of Autism and Treating Jargon

Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP of teachmetotalk.com as she answers questions from 2 different therapists on this week's podcast. A developmental therapist writes of witnessing the onset of autism in a little... [Read more...]