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Speech Sound Development in Toddlers

We can’t be overly “picky” when it comes to speech sound accuracy with toddlers, particularly for those who have struggled with language acquisition. Afterall, most brand new talkers are difficult to understand, whether you’re 12 months old and beginning to talk or 30 months old and saying your first words!
Check out this post for [...]

Podcast for Using a Modified Cycles Approach for Toddlers

Today I had a great show with SLP Dawn Moore who shared how she targets speech sounds in very young children with phonological disorders.
A Cycles Therapy approach exposes young children to speech sounds they don’t currently use in word approximations. Dawn feels that this fast-paced patterns approach (vs. targeting one sound at a time) [...]

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New to this Site?

Welcome to teachmetotalk.com!
If this is your first visit, I’d like to tell you how I recommend for new moms to navigate the site because I have TONS of info on here that may not be apparent to you with your first click!
The site is organized in chronological order with the newest entries listed first here on the home page. However, [...]

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Speech Sound Development

The following is a list of when 75% of children have mastered speech sounds. (Photo Articulation Test, 1969, Pendergast et al,  and Stoel-Gammon, 1985.)
Limited consonant sound use results in unintelligible speech and often indicates a motor speech disorder (apraxia) or phonological disorder. Check out these norms and the list of “red flags” which indicate [...]

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Oral Motor Exercises and Childhood Apraxia of Speech

For those of you who are following the apparently very controversial article “Oral Motor Exercises” and all of the comments, here’s a follow-up I received today from Dr. Lof.  Here are his comments specifically related to oral motor exercises as they are used with children who have been diagnosed with apraxia, and of course, a [...]

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Oral Motor Exercises to Help Speech in Toddlers and Preschoolers - Why Science Says They Don’t Work

Recently I’ve heard of mothers who are telling other mothers that they’d better be doing oral motor exercises at home with their kids and find SLPs who will do these with their kids to help their toddlers learn to speak more clearly.  I wanted to let you all in on apparently what some SLPs aren’t telling [...]

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Teach Your Child To Say “Mama”

Today on my show “Teach Me To Talk with Laura and Kate” (click the icon in the right column to hear it for yourself!), one of our wonderful callers Annette shared with us that although her son is talking now and understands and says, “Dada,” he’s not yet saying “Mama.” How heartbreaking for her!
This is [...]

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“Discover The Best Approach To Teach Your Toddler To Talk”

Maybe the “experts” tell you everything’s fine. But you can’t get past that nagging feeling that things should be getting better. And they just…aren’t.
As a parent, there’s [...]

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Early Consonant Sound Cues for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I found a great blog tonight with super “how to” tricks for several consonant sounds, and I’m linking the ones for toddler/early preschool consonants.
While regular readers of this site know that my philosophy is language-language-language, there is a place for “no pressure practice” for toddlers, even while your main focus is improving receptive and expressive [...]

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Using Sippy Cups and Pacifiers- Will They Help or Hurt My Late Talking Toddler?

This topic was originally written at the end of another post, but the questions and comments I’ve received via -email warrant a more lengthy discussion.  (By the way - If you’d rather send me an e-mail with a question or comment rather than post it on the site, the address is laura@teachmetotalk.com.)    
When I’m in a social setting and people [...]

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