How To Talk So Toddlers Listen

Here's an excerpt from Teach Me To Talk: The Therapy Manual reviewing ways to help late talking toddlers pay attention and listen: Researchers found that labeling, simply stating an object or an event name, is more effective than any other kind... [Read more...]

Teach Me To Listen and Obey 2 – DVD Review from Parent

Today I received this email from a mom and I wanted to share... "Dear Laura, Four months ago I noticed my daughter didn't talk as well as other childrend her age.  After visiting our local school district for a speech eval, I was sent... [Read more...]

“Best DVD for Receptive Language Therapy at Home!”

Are you becoming agitated and irritable when your child won't listen? When you're out, are others noticing her behavior? Many times a child is called "stubborn"or "bad," when there IS a real problem. Many teachers or even parents label a young... [Read more...]

Teach Me To Listen and Obey 1 and 2 are NOW Available!

I'm so excited to FINALLY get to offer this DVD series for helping young children learn to understand language. By the time we were done filming, there was so much information that we decided to split it into a 2 part series so that we could address... [Read more...]