When A Toddler Doesn’t Play With Toys…teachmetotalk.com’s Therapy Tip of the Week 4.9.16

Isn't it frustrating when a toddler doesn't seem to want to play with toys? This is a fairly common issue in young children with developmental delays. Our first instinct may be to think that the child doesn't like the toy (or any toy!), but that's... [Read more...]

Ideas for Toddlers Who Hate Books…teachmetotalk.com’s Therapy Tip of the Week 1.10.15

  Imagine my surprise today when I found a Therapy Tip of the Week we've never published! It's from the vault... so to speak... Ideas for Toddlers Who Hate Books In this teachmetotalk.com Therapy Tip of the Week video, I'll... [Read more...]

Using Books to Teach Toddlers Language and Play… VIDEO from teachmetotalk.com

If you've picked up any parenting book or studied anything related to educating children for at least 5 minutes, you know that you should be reading to a  young child pretty much from the time he exits the womb... That's fantastic advice for... [Read more...]