Fall Therapy Ideas for Toddlers…Squirrels!

Squirrel Therapy Activities for Toddlers Can you believe it’s November already? You’ve probably used all of your standard therapy ideas for this time of year by now, so this week I want to share a few of my favorite fall therapy ideas for... [Read more...]

“Discover The Best Approach To Teach Your Toddler To Talk”

PARENTS  ARE YOU FRUSTRATED TRYING TO TEACH YOUR TODDLER TO TALK? ARE OTHER CHILDREN HIS AGE ASKING FOR WHAT THEY WANT AND NEED  WHILE HE CAN ONLY CRY? Find help for toddlers with speech delay... Maybe the experts tell you everything's... [Read more...]

Ideas for Fine Motor and Cognitive Skills – Therapy Tip of the Week for 3.12.14

Therapy Tip of the Week is back!!! I'm so excited to share this darling idea for making ribbon toys. Beyond being fun for toddlers, this homemade activity targets fine motor, cognitive, sensory, and visual processing skills. If you're wondering... [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Use Simple, Homemade Activities with Toddlers

While I love toys as much (probably more!) as any SLP I know, I have also learned to value very simple homemade activities for toddlers. I've come to think of these activities as "games," and that's the word I use when I'm introducing these... [Read more...]

Toy Rotation

Are you drowning in the sea of all the junk, I mean, presents your kids received for Christmas? Are you frustrated when your child has a room full of toys but doesn't seem to want to play with anything? As a therapist, are your little clients... [Read more...]

Best Toys & Techniques for Targeting Language in Toddlers with Speech Delay

BEST TOYS FOR SPEECH THERAPY WITH TODDLERS who are LATE TALKERS I'm re-publishing a list of toys I LOVE and use in my practice as a speech-language pathologist with babies and toddlers during speech therapy. I also have a whole series of... [Read more...]