Speech Sound Development in Toddlers

We can't be overly "picky" when it comes to speech sound accuracy with toddlers, particularly for those who have struggled with language acquisition. Afterall, most brand new talkers are difficult to understand, whether you're 12 months old and... [Read more...]

Body Parts! Therapy Tip of the Week for 4.3.14

When I asked for suggestions for Therapy Tip of the Week, a mom emailed me to say she needed some new, fun ideas for helping her son learn body parts. Watch the video for my best tricks and 4 cute songs therapists and parents can sing all day long!... [Read more...]

Be the Toy Part 2

Do you know a child who becomes so obsessed with a toy bag that he doesn't include you in play? OR do you know a child who is so disregulated that he's "all over you." I have some ideas for you!! In last week's podcast I began this series Be the... [Read more...]

Twister for Toddlers! Therapy Tip of the Week for 3.27.14

Do you have a Twister game laying around your house? Get it out and use it for lots of FUN with young children, long before they can touch a yellow circle with their hand and a blue one with their foot! The obvious goal to target is matching by... [Read more...]


In this week's podcast I answered this question I received from an SLP: "I have started looking through your books and I love them - such useful information to share with parents too! I have a question regarding problems that arise in therapy... [Read more...]

teachmetotalk.com’s Christmas Therapy Guide is now for sale!

I'm launching a brand new feature here on teachmetotalk.com with the release of our very first Therapy Guide just in time for Christmas. What's a Therapy Guide? teachmetotalk.com's Therapy Guide consists of two components for helping you learn... [Read more...]

Therapy Tip of the Week 12.4.12

Therapy Tip of the Week is back!!!!!!! Stay tuned because I'm also launching a brand new feature from teachmetotalk.com tomorrow (12/5/12) and a whole new website (myei2.com) in early 2013 with a whole slew of ideas for therapy during the... [Read more...]

Therapy Tip of the Week 3.2.12

Here's this week's Therapy Tip of the Week: Therapy Tip of the Week for 3.2.12 BALL TOYS in  Speech Therapy for Late Talkers and Toddlers with Speech Delays  Balls are developmentally appropriate and a fun toy for toddlers between 1-3... [Read more...]

Product Recommendations for Parents and Professionals

RESOURCES FOR HELPING A CHILD LEARN TO TALK and HELPING TODDLERS WITH SPEECH DELAY Parents often ask me which teachmetotalk.com product would be most helpful for them to help a child learn to talk. While every child and family situation is... [Read more...]

Signs of Autism in Toddlers

Nothing evokes fear in a parent like thinking their baby may have autism. Many people assume, incorrectly of course, that because a child isn't talking by age 2 or 3, he or she must be autistic. Let me reassure you, there are many reasons for... [Read more...]