How to Book an Appointment is so pleased to announce our location in Shelbyville, KY, a short 30 minute drive east of Louisville.

We offer a variety of services catering especially to out-of-town families who want a second opinion or a solid assessment and comprehensive treatment plan outlined for home programming and/or recommendations for your local therapy team. New clients can schedule anything from a one hour informal session to a 3 day assessment/treatment package designed to address your specific questions and unique needs.

More than anything, we want to offer HOPE for worried parents by providing an honest, but positive assessment of not only your child’s weaknesses, but we’ll also be looking for your child’s learning strengths. We will work together with you to help you figure out how to meet your child where he is and move toward functional communication skills.

If you’ve ever wanted me to work directly with you and your child, here’s your chance!

For more information, please email me at, and I’ll be glad to email you an initial information packet.

I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you and your baby soon!


Feedback from other parents:

“We saw Laura at the beginning of the week in her new clinic and it was a wonderful experience. If anyone is contemplating taking the journey to see her…stop contemplating and go!!! She is the best and will really help you to have the right tools to help your little one. Thanks again Laura for all of your help!! It was so great to meet you and your right hand man who is so helpful 🙂 ” Mom from Alabama

“Laura, we are blown away by the skill and kindness we received from you this morning! You are correct, we did leave this first session with you knowing EXACTLY where Addie is functioning and EXACTLY what we need to do to begin helping her progress in developing language (aren’t you proud of us for remembering “language” instead of focusing on speech???). We can not believe how much you got out of our precious Addie and how much you taught us about her in such a short time. We can’t wait to see you and Johnny again in August!!!!! If anyone would like more specific information regarding our experience, please feel free to comment here and I will send you our phone number and email address.” – Family from Ohio

“My son’s therapy team through Early Intervention and at his new preschool have been so impressed with your assessment report. It is such an in-depth and accurate evaluation. Thanks again!!” – Mom from Colorado

“Thank you so much for teaching us how to teach our son!! We (Mommy, Daddy and son) have learned so much from you!! It was such a wonderful experience and we are so happy to have met you and Johnny!” – Family from AL


“Laura, It was a pleasure to work with you (and Johnny) last week. Thank you so much
for seeing M. We feel much more confident that we are on the right
path with our son. Before talking with you, I think that we felt pulled in so
many directions and quite confused as to the care and therapy that M is
requiring. You did an excellent job explaining his behaviors. We appreciate
your honesty in regards to his delays. We both left the session with a
better understand of M’s delays.” – Family from Kentucky


“Thank you so much. You provided us with new ideas and the first to take time to learn our daughter and provide us with ideas to help increase her weaknesses as well as point out her strengths which no one else has done. Thank you so much. We are so glad we made the trip to see you and Johnny.” – Mom from Illinois

For more information about Laura, click here!

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