Toy Rotation

Are you drowning in the sea of all the junk, I mean, presents your kids received for Christmas?

Are you frustrated when your child has a room full of toys but doesn’t seem to want to play with anything?

As a therapist, are your little clients bored when you present the same activities session after session?

I have an idea for you that may reduce your struggle…


This means simply changing out what’s available for a child to play with, whether it’s at home with his own toys or during a therapy session.

Regularly changing materials is critical for keeping a young child’s attention.

While some of our little friends need the repetition of play routines in order to learn how to play and what to say, many times we can promote disengagement (otherwise known as a child bolting away from you!) when we don’t provide enough novelty in therapy.

Kim Rowe, SLP and founder of, has devoted most of her blog to helping you learn to organize toys so that toys provide richer play experiences for young children. She was recently a guest on my podcast and we had a blast discussing all kinds of tips for rotating toys. Listen to that great show by clicking the link below.

While you’re listening, ROTATE YOUR TOYS : )

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