Winter Therapy Guides with Activities for Toddlers

Take advantage of these cold, snowy days and plan your therapy sessions for the next several weeks!

Check out my Therapy Guides for great seasonal ideas to encompass a wide variety of children on your early intervention and preschool caseloads.

SLPs can earn ASHA CEUs! (Approval is pending. The brochure with specific course requirements for ASHA CEUs will be posted when the course is officially registered.)

Winter Activites for Groups of Toddlers
In this 60 minute video, speech-language pathologists and other early intervention professionals will learn strategies to make group activities successful for toddlers and young preschoolers. You’ll see 10 different developmentally appropriate activities designed for small groups of young children with many suggestions for targeting both receptive and expressive language skills for toddlers or for preschoolers who are functioning in lower developmental age ranges.

Each activity will also facilitate progress with cognitive tasks, social interaction skills, and fine motor development.

The written guide includes a materials list, directions for completing each activity, and lists goals that can easily be incorporated for groups of toddlers. Suggestions are provided for working with toddlers at various developmental levels within each activity.

Feedback from SLPs:

“This video provides valuable information for therapists who work with young children in small groups. The ideas are easy to implement and provide essential tips and strategies that make small group learning successful.” Ali, SLP, Colorado

“This Therapy Guide not only gives suggestions for making Circle Time more effective and beneficial for all children, it also provides specific activities, potential goals, and expansion activities to do during Circle Time. As a speech therapist who frequently goes into the daycare setting to work with children on my caseload, I feel I can take the ideas from this guide and use them immediately to improve Circle Time or even to improve sessions with siblings.” Jill, SLP, Missouri

“It was wonderful that you presented winter activities in your video for groups. With my little ones in developmental preschool, I often do group sessions to meet IEP minutes. I don’t always like to do this, but I can see how I can meet several needs in one group session while keeping their attention. I’ve often wondered if I was the only one who thought calendar time and days of the week were wasted minutes for children and was happy to see how we could do activities which would be more beneficial and have the kids more involved at the same time! … Now I can help provide more language rich and appropriate group activities…” Cathy, SLP, Indiana

The downloadable version of this project with the 22 page written therapy guide pdf is $19.99 and can be purchased at this link:

***ASHA CEU credit and/or a CEU certificate of completion is available upon completion of additional course requirements and a $10 CEU fee.

Structured Teaching for Toddlers for Valentine’s Day and Winter Activities

In this 60 minute video speech-language pathologists and other early intervention professionals will learn how to develop and implement visual structured teaching tasks with toddlers and preschoolers with developmental delays. This is the initial starting point for therapy for many young children who don’t demonstrate an adequate attention span for play or therapy activities. Participants will learn 11 different activities and how to modify each task to accommodate a child’s interests and developmental strengths and weaknesses, as well as target a variety of cognitive, fine motor, and language goals.

Strategies are provided to facilitate parent/caregiver education so that each activity can be included in a child’s home program. The written guide includes a materials list, directions for each activity, and multiple goals that easily be modified for toddlers with even significant developmental delays.

Feedback from SLPs:

“I love the activities that encompass fine motor activities with the language component. Most of the children I see have multiple disabilities with sensory overlays. I so appreciate the evidenced-based research you provide while explaining how to introduce activities. It makes it easy to explain in conferences and to parents! This is a must see for therapist who work with young children!” Cathy, SLP, Indiana

“This Therapy Guide is so helpful in demonstrating specific activities a therapist or committed parent can use with a child who may not be ready to sit and play yet, but who enjoys visual tasks and can use structured tasks to begin to increase his/her attention to task and participation in activities. As a practicing speech therapist, I feel like I have a whole new set of activities I can use with the children on my caseload thanks to Laura Mize and her therapy guide.” Jill, SLP, Missouri

“This product provides SLPs with structured activities that build attention, participation, and task completion in young children. Therapists will find ideas that can be implemented with easy-to-find materials and the children will they work with will benefit and learn while having fun.” Ali, SLP, Colorado

The downloadable video and written therapy guide is $19.99 and can be purchased at this link.

***ASHA CEU credit or a CEU certificate of completion will be available upon completion of additional course requirements and a $10 CEU fee.

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