Podcast for Using a Modified Cycles Approach for Toddlers

Today I had a great show with SLP Dawn Moore who shared how she targets speech sounds in very young children with phonological disorders.

A Cycles Therapy approach exposes young children to speech sounds they don’t currently use in word approximations. Dawn feels that this fast-paced patterns approach (vs. targeting one sound at a time) with non-sense syllables helps even very young children generalize new sounds/patterns more quickly than a traditional articulation approach where a single consonant sound is targeted in isolation, then moved to syllables, then moved to words, etc…

In the show she outlined the assessment and treatment sequence she uses for the early developing consonant sounds and patterns and then ended the show talking about more difficult combinations like /s/ blends and even (get this…) later developing consonants /l/ and /r/. For someone with a name like LAURA, that’s good news : )

Listen here:

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Dawn’s website is www.expressionsspeech.com. You’ll find outlines of her treatment approach in the Therapy Documents section. She’s currently tweaking her Modified Cycles for Toddlers, but hopes to add that outline very soon.

***Please also note that Dawn’s approach with Modified Cycles for Toddlers may or may not be consistent with other SLPs who study and recommend a similar treatment protocol for young children with phonological disorders. Several SLPs have produced bodies of work with different applications based on the same theory using Dr. Barbara Hodson’s original work in Targeting Unintelligible Speech in Children. ***


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