Earn ASHA CE Credit


If you’re an SLP, you can earn ASHA CE credit here!

All of our DVDs and my full-length courses on DVD are approved!

The process is EASY and CHEAP and best of all, you can use the information immediately for your birth to 3 caseloads!

Let me explain how it works. After you’ve purchased and watched the DVD, click the DVD title listed below.

You’ll be redirected to the correct post at myei2.com. Click the PayPal button at the bottom of the page to purchase CE credit. After payment is complete, you’ll be redirected to a new page with instructions. Download the forms, complete, scan, and email (or mail) the forms back to me. Viola! You’ve earned yourself CE credit for watching a DVD!

Teach Me To Talk the DVD for CE Credit – 1.5 hours – .15 ASHA CEUs

Teach Me To Listen and Obey 1 on DVD for CE Credit – 1 hour – .1 ASHA CEUs

Teach Me To Listen and Obey 2 on DVD for CE Credit – 2 hours. .2 ASHA CEUs

Teach Me To Talk with Apraxia and Phonological Disorders on DVD for CE Credit – 2.5 hours – .25 ASHA CEUs

Each DVD is only $10 for CE credit fee. The DVDs/courses vary in length so check out the specific posts for CE hours/units.

The brochure with all other ASHA requirements can be found on any of the above links at myei2.com. (This includes course descriptions, speaker disclosure, learning outcomes, timed agenda, blah blah blah…)

If you’ve not purchased these DVDs, here’s a link to our store for each DVD.

Buy the set and you’re set!!

5 DVD Set – All 5 best selling DVDs Teach Me To Talk, Teach Me To Listen and Obey 1 & 2, and Teach Me To Talk with Apraxia & Phonological Disorders (2 DVD set) – Order the 5 DVD set and save $45 over individual DVD purchase price! Earn .7 CEUs when you watch all the DVDs!

Want something a little more seminar-like?

Check out my full-length courses on DVD. These courses are PERFECT for agencies that want to offer cost-effective CEUs for an entire staff.

Early Speech-Language Development: Taking Theory to the Floor – 12 hours – 1.2 ASHA CEUs

Steps to Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers – 6 hours – .6 ASHA CEUs

Is It Autism? Part 1 – Recognizing Toddlers and Preschoolers with Red Flags for ASD – 4.5 hours – .45 ASHA CEUs

Is It Autism? Part 2 – Treating Toddlers and Preschoolers with Red Flags for ASD – 6.5 hours – .65 ASHA CEUs

Both Autism Courses – 11 hours – 1.1 ASHA CEUs


If you have questions or aren’t sure what to order, shoot me an email at Laura@teachmetotalk.com.  I’d love to help you!




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  1. Tabatha Foster on May 2, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    Hello Laura, I am in need of EI hours, but I’m only seeing CEU. Can you give me a little more clarity.

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