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St Louis pic

St Louis pic

So here’s me yesterday bright and early in St. Louis waiting at the sign in table for our group of therapists who seemed to love toddlers just as much as I do! We spent a great day together during my 6 hour course Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers. If you missed it, you missed a good time! My favorite discussions of the day included:

  • “It’s hard to follow a therapist who’s belted a toddler in a high chair and has only used flashcards or apps with the child. When I introduce play with toys, a parent can be surprised and think it doesn’t look like therapy.”  My slightly sassy recommendation to her was to tell a parent… “It’s a good thing I’m here then! Let me teach you what developmentally appropriate therapy looks like with toddlers.”
  • “Would you try to elicit nonverbal face/mouth movements from a toddler who is using lots of jargon since he doesn’t know how to move his mouth to talk?” In my opinion, if he’s using jargon, he does know how to move his mouth to talk, but he’s likely not linking meaning with words if he’s over 2 with no single “real” words in his vocabulary. Target receptive language FIRST and worry about expressive goals when he’s closer to an age-appropriate receptive vocabulary OR is at least following simple directions and is beginning to try to imitate your single words.
  • “I have a child who has lots of single words, but uses only holistic phrases like ‘I got it’ and ‘I did it.’ Would you give him credit for using phrases?” No! He’s on his way since those kinds of utterances are holistic phrases and are a nice “in between step,” but until he’s using several spontaneous two-word combinations, I don’t credit a child with using phrases.
  • An SLP reminded me of the book Polka Dot to help a child learn to point. I forgot all about that book! Look for a discussion of how to do this in an upcoming Therapy Tip of the Week!

As you can see, it was a fun, fun day.

It was a little bittersweet for me though since it’s the last time I’ll teach the 6 hour version of this course for a while, possibly forever, since I’m rolling out some new courses this winter…

However, you can still access this information on DVD and with ASHA credit if you’re an SLP! Here’s a link with that info:

Steps to Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers on DVD

Here’s a video clip from this DVD!

Courses on DVD are an efficient and CHEAP way to get all of your CEUs finished up if your licensure or certification period ends in December!

Did you know ALL of my DVDs offer ASHA credit? Details are here!

I only have one LIVE event scheduled for the rest of 2014 and there’s still room for you!! Come see me next week (11/20 and 11/21) in Chicago!



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