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Better Ideas for Flashcards at Christmas! Therapy Tip of the Week Video 12.4.12

Here’s a short Therapy Tip of the Week video with an EASY idea to use in December with toddlers who like flashcards!

Toddlers love putting things in tiny spaces so this is a FUN way to use flashcards with your little friends or your own child IF the toddler already likes cards and pictures. If not, you’re better off using REAL objects during REAL activities to teach language.

I’m posting this activity on Friday night so you can pick up a box like this during your holiday shopping this weekend!

Be sure to scroll below the video for similar suggestions for something you may already have or for an idea that may work better for a specific child.

Another similar idea is getting a Christmas bucket with a lid and making a slit in the top for your flashcards. I use buckets like these from Dollar Tree or Walmart.


Or use a Christmas stocking… in that case I’d put the pictures IN the stocking and let a child dig around in the stocking to pick the next card. Make a big deal out of shaking up the pictures to create anticipation too. Say things like, “Oh! I wonder what you’ll get? Ooohhh… I’m so excited! Are you ready? Tell me….” Then cue whatever word or sign you’re using to teach a child to request. I begin with simple words or signs like “more” or “please,” but if a child is further along, you can teach a word like “card” or “picture” or even a phrase such as “more please” or “my turn.”

Remember… we can teach language anywhere, anytime and you certainly shouldn’t automatically default to pictures to teach a young toddler to understand and use words unless it’s already one of a child’s preferred activities. If you’d like to read more about that philosophy, I have another article to explain WHY we should use REAL activities and objects rather than pictures with toddlers.

Until tomorrow…


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