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Betty Crocker Cookie Cutter Set… SCORE! Great Playdoh Accessories for Christmas and Year Round for Speech Therapy with Toddlers

betty crocker cookie cutter set

Great Play-doh Accessories for Christmas and Year Round for Speech Therapy with Toddlers

Look what I just bought!

It’s a Betty Crocker Cookie Cutter Set… 101 Pieces!

These shapes make GREAT play-doh accessories for Christmas and year round for speech therapy with toddlers and preschoolers.

The shapes included for Christmas are:

Christmas tree
Candy cane
Santa’s head
Gingerbread man

Let me give you a few tips to use with your little friends or your own child to facilitate language.

First of all, play with the playdoh yourself! Don’t just set it out and watch the child play (or worse, walk away!). Dive in there! Talk to the child and provide an opportunity to request. For a child who is minimally verbal, teach general words with pictures, signs, or words for “please,” “open,” or “more.”

For a child who is imitating a little, the best way to cue requests is with choices. The opportunities are limitless! Here are just a few ways you can set up choices with playdoh:

Which color do you want – red or green?
What do we do next – open or close?
Who should open it, you or me?
How do we open the top – push or pull?
Do we leave it in or take it out?
Who should get it out, you or me?
What should we make first?
What should I make?

And that’s ALL before you even start making shapes!! See what I mean? There are HUNDREDS of options for requesting with playdoh… don’t just stick to something ridiculous like…”What color is this?”

I could go on and on…

But I won’t so you can get off your phone or laptop and dig out your playdoh and cookie cutters.

Don’t have any playdoh? Then raid your pantry and make some. Google “homemade pladoh recipe.”

I would MUCH rather buy playdoh than make it, but if you’re inclined to do it yourself, then knock yourself out!

If you don’t want to buy a whole new set of cookie cutters to use with playdoh, look around your kitchen for cookie cutters you may already have.

Still no luck?

Then make the shapes yourself out of playdoh with the child.

Not artsy? Not a problem…

Because little kids don’t care!

If you can make a triangle, you can make a Christmas tree! Roll little balls for the ornaments. Add a dab of yellow to the top for a star. Make squares for presents/gifts to go under the tree.

Or make a stocking shape. Or a candy cane. You just need red and white playdoh.

A snowman is even easier! Roll out 3 white balls and BOOM…you’re done! OR make a flat round shape with white playdoh and then add different colored pieces for eyes, nose, mouth, and if you’re really fancy, a hat. Now you’ve worked on body parts. Extend the activity. Have the child find his own eyes, nose, and mouth. If that’s too hard, get him to do it on mommy or you.


There really are TONS of possibilities for facilitating language with playdoh at Christmas time.

If you have some cute ideas you’d like to share, please, please, please do!! Leave them in the comments section! We’d all love to benefit from your creativity!

Until tomorrow…


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