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My Favorite Toddler Books for Christmas…Speech Therapy Ideas for Toddlers

Maisy Christmas

I’m ULTRA busy today, but I wanted to pop on and share two of my favorite books I’m using in December for speech therapy sessions with toddlers!

The first one is…


Merry Christmas Maisy.


I bought my first copy in 2000, the year it was published. My daughter Macy (now 21!)  was 6 that year and had outgrown her fascination with the Maisy books and opted for more mature themes like Junie B, but I saw the new Maisy book in Target and bought it anyway because it reminded me of her. I used it in therapy that Christmas and every year since. It’s a flap book which creates curiosity and builds anticipation for toddlers as you read.

One cute idea I’ve used is making a Christmas tree just like the one in the book with my little friends. Some years I’ve been more elaborate than others, but lately I just buy a pack of green construction paper, trace the tree as they watch, and help my little friends cut out the tree with safety scissors… which has taken up to 30 minutes with some friends who insist they do it themselves 🙂

Then we use sticker dots (like the ones you buy to put prices on yard sale items!) for the lights.

It’s EASY and FUN and you can work in a TON of language at whatever level your little friend needs. Teaching ACTION words and LOCATION words are my favorite goals for this activity – cut, tear, push, pull, stick/stuck, and on, off, up, down, here, and there along with Christmas vocabulary and new nouns – scissors!

Try these other Maisy Christmas books with super cute language-learning ideas for toddlers and preschoolers…

Gotta get going now, so I’ll share my other fav tomorrow…



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