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#252 Ideas for Toddlers Who Don’t Like To Sit Still

toddler runs away

toddler runs away
Here’s the truth…

MANY late talking toddlers can’t (not WON’T) sit still.

In this week’s podcast I explained possible reasons for why a child doesn’t “sit” very well and then more importantly, I moved on to talk about ideas that WORK for our friends who need to move, move, move.

Listen for yourself at this link!

Here’s a great discussion of CANT vs. WON’T

Here’s a list of things I do with my busiest little friends:

  • Do what they like!
  • Decrease demands overall so that a child doesn’t feel “forced.” Participation is your ONLY goal. This can dramatically help!!
  • Don’t sit… MOVE! Target language during gross motor movement or outside playground activities such as sliding, jumping on a trampoline, swinging, etc…
  • Try social games where moving is a part of the game – Ring Around the Rosies, Row Row Your Boat, Ride a Little Horsie – verbal routines during those games to target receptive and expressive language.
  • Introduce play that involves moving – improvise a basketball game even without a hoop, bowling, launcher toys, and relay games
  • Work on Structured Teaching Tasks – TEACCH method
  • Over time begin to alternate activities move – sit – move – sit
  • Modify a child’s space so that movement is less of an option. Beware….belting them into a high chair is usually NOT a good option!
  • Don’t try strategies for older children like “if/then.” Many times our little friends DON’T understand that promise.
  • Reinforce sitting.
  • One thing I forgot to mention, but that’s powerful…. Body on body contact… HOLD that child in your lap as you play. It doesn’t work for every toddler, but for some, it’s magic!

Listen to the show for a better explanation of these recommendations!!

Until tomorrow…


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  1. Laura on January 8, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    A podcast listener today let me know this link to the podcast isn’t working! I’ll fix it and get it up as soon as I can!! If not, I’ll do the whole show over next week : )

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