Easter Therapy Tip of the Week

easter egg

easter egg

I don’t like recreating the wheel, do you?


I’m digging in to the Therapy Tip of the Week vault to bring you FABULOUS ideas for activities for toddlers and young preschoolers in a lead up to Easter and SPRING!

The video includes ideas for:

  • Wind Up Toys – fantastic because it gives a child a reason to INCLUDE you during play for early requesting
  • Easter eggs – ideas for using Easter eggs for teaching labeling/naming small objects or pictures, learning prepositions/location words, or incorporating a child’s “quirks”
  • Sensory Boxes – what to include and how to use several ideas to address your speech-language goals and promote ‘tool use’ with toddlers. Using tools is not only a fine motor task, but an important COGNITIVE milestone for toddlers. Many toddlers who don’t have good pretend play skills really should begin with learning to combine toys during play. A very ‘functional’ or practical way to start is by using a tool during play such as a shovel or tongs.

I’ll be posting (re-posting) several Easter-themed videos over the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back for those.




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