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Does Your State Require Pre-approval for CE Courses?


If you’re an EI provider and work in a state program that requires you to participate in continuing education (CE) courses related to the birth to 3 population, I can help!

Or at least I hope I can, but I need your help first!

Many states with a CE requirement for EI providers will count anything you submit during your review process, particularly if the courses are already approved for ASHA credit. Good news – all of my DVDs have ASHA approval! Get that info here.

but some states (like Illinois and Kentucky) require preapproval for all CE events, including courses that are presented live and courses on DVD.

I’d love to submit my courses on DVD for approval  in your program so that you can get your CEUs by watching my DVDs (which you may already own! If so, here’s info on completing that process.)

If your state has a process for pre-approval, please let me know! Send me an email to or fill out a contact form here on the site. Just scroll down to the green CONTACT button at the bottom of this page.  If you could include a link to the page outlining the rules for your program, that’s even better!

Thanks for helping me help you!!




**All of my DVDs and courses are already preapproved for Illinois Provider Connection credit. Click here!**

If you didn’t catch it earlier, earn ASHA credit with any of my DVDs!



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