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For Parents

If you’re a concerned mom or dad, welcome to what many parents have told me is their BEST resource for positive guidance for working with their late talking toddler!

Here at you’ll find LOADS of information to help you help your child! If you’re looking for articles to read, click on BLOG from the categories bar on the home page and select the drop down box for a list of specific diagnoses. Scroll down below through the section to read HUNDREDS of articles related to that diagnosis and about other features at including my podcast, Therapy Tip of the Week videos, and a whole product line of books and DVDs to teach you how to work with your child who is struggling to learn language.

For Professionals

If you’re a speech-language pathologist, an EI specialist, a developmental therapist, an occupational therapist or any other professional who works with toddlers and young preschoolers with communication challenges, welcome! You’ve come to the right place for the latest, evidenced-based information for working with very young children and their families in early intervention programs.

More than anything else, I want to share PRACTICAL, REAL-LIFE therapy ideas, the same ones I use with my very own clients in my very own thriving private practice. It irks me when I visit a site for SLPs and I get the impression that the therapist might not have chased a busy toddler or played on the floor in a long, long time…

As you’re getting to know me here, let me direct your attention to several resources to help sharpen your clinical skills:



I have a whole product line for parents and professionals who have the same goal as I do: to help toddlers learn to understand and use language.

My DVDs do more than explain evidence-based strategies; you’ll actually SEE therapy clips of sessions. Just so you know, I don’t just show ‘perfect’ clips with ideal clients. You’ll see real- life kids and real-life responses. Many therapists watch the DVDs not only for their own benefit, but use the DVDs for parent-caregiver education. You can let a parent borrow your copy OR, better yet, introduce a strategy by watching a clip together and then implement it during the session with their own child.  Click the links below for information about each specific DVD in one post.

The great news is ALL of my DVDs are approved for ASHA CEUs! Click here for that information!

I’ve also written three best-selling Therapy Manuals that provide the down and dirty “How To” information that we all look for when we’re purchasing materials. All three books are super resources for homework ideas to share with  parents and are filled with charts and “handouts.” You can find a summary of those books in the Product Recommendations post or under individual posts under the SHOP tab on the home page.



Since 2010, I’ve taught my two courses all over the USA. If you’re looking for a conference schedule, click the tab Conferences on the home page.

Both of those popular courses are now on DVD with ASHA credit! If you’d like that information, click here!



In the fall of 2008, I started my (almost) weekly podcast. At that time I had no idea what a podcast even was, but here I am today, still going strong! SLPs have described the podcast as “a show about all things therapy.” Each show lasts about an hour and topics vary from week to week. Here’s a link to the Podcast page so you can scroll through the show summaries. Some SLPs tell me they started way back at show #1 and have listened sequentially. Parents also listen to topics that interest them. It’s a great way to pass the time if you’re exercising, driving between visits, cleaning your basement, or performing any other task that also allows you the time to “feed your brain.” Listen here at the site, through, or subscribe on iTunes. It’s FREE and fun!

I also LOVE answering emails on my podcast. If you have a tough kid and need some new ideas, shoot me an email and ask me to tackle it on the show. If you’re brave and want to be a guest and discuss it with me yourself, let’s do it! Email me at so we can get you scheduled!


Therapy Tip of the Week Videos

I get more positive feedback about these little videos than I ever dreamed! Each one is 10 to 15 minutes long and I take a toy or an activity or even a topic (like a holiday) and provide several ideas for therapy activities with toddlers. There’s usually a bit of “teaching” and “theory” mingled in with every day “How To” advice. You can find a whole page of videos here or scroll through the Therapy Tip of the Week posts to read the written summaries too. Both therapists and parents tell me that they found through these videos on YouTube. If that’s you, thanks!


Therapy Guides

In 2013, I started another website for all EI professionals and created several video and pdf packages called Therapy Guides. These are CHEAP videos available for immediate viewing online. Each one is about a topic (like Creating Verbal Routines) or a particular theme (such as Christmas activities). You’ll also receive a 10 – 20 page summary organized in a “homework” format for easy sharing with parents or therapists you’re mentoring. Those videos are located here at



In the years since launching I’ve written hundreds of posts. Originally, I organized them in very distinct categories and grouped them accordingly. After a year or two in, I just wrote from my heart, so by now there are nearly 400 articles here! I’m in the process of updating many of those. With our website upgrade, the formatting of the older posts was also affected.  So if you click on a page with random punctuation marks, you’ve found an oldie-but-goodie we’ve not edited yet. I hope you’ll read for content!  If you’re looking for a particular topic, please use the SEARCH feature to help you find what you need! Or click the BLOG category for a list of diagnoses and related posts.


One of my favorite things about is ‘meeting’ other SLPs on the site. If you’d like, leave me a comment here or with a specific post that resonates with you. I try to respond to individual emails (I get about 200 a day!), but the best way to reach me is here! Complete a contact form on the home page or leave me a reply. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much!



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  1. Marcy on June 26, 2015 at 10:53 am

    Hi Laura,
    My son just turned 2 on June 22 and is not putting 2 worded sentences together. He has a very large vocabulary bank of about 88 words. His pediatrician says she’s not concerned and said that If he’s not using 2 worded phrases in 6 months to come back in to discuss the possibilities of speech therapy. I did read your article, “Making the leap from words to Phrases” however I was curious if you had more detailed overview of examples or maybe handouts that I could use as well as share with his sitter? Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

    thank you in advance,

    • Laura on June 29, 2015 at 5:13 pm

      Hi Marcy. Those are my best tips here summarized here on the website in written form. Feel free to print it off and share it with her.

      If you need more specific examples, there’s a whole section of me working with kids who are moving to phrases on my DVD Teach Me To Talk. The best part of that DVD is that you can SEE how to use those strategies. She may need that kind of guidance if she’s the primary person with him during the week and he’s not moving along. She may not know how to play with a child to facilitate language. If that’s the case, the DVD will be great for her.

      If you want a more detailed written explanation and step by step instructions, then get my book Teach Me To Talk: The Therapy Manual which outlines language goals and how to address them. This may be overkill for a sitter though – it’s more of a guide written for therapists and committed moms who are doing lots of “home” therapy.

      I’ve also discussed this topic on my podcast. For some reason, I can’t link those shows right now! I’ll try to pop back on here later and do that for you!

      Thanks for the question – Laura

  2. Blue on April 21, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Laura!
    My son is 33 months old. He is screened by many professionals – pediatrician, pediatric neurologist and autism specialist, and they all said that he is only delayed in speech and he will talk when he is ready. He can say over 50 words spontaneously, knows his body parts, knows his gender, can count to 10 and some of the alphabet, and can do 96 piece puzzle. He is pretty bright imho, so I am not sure why he is so speech delayed. He doesn’t string words together yet except that he says “all done”, “baba please”, “red car” or something similar occasionally. He isn’t chatty and only speaks when he needs to using single words. His personality is pretty reserved. However, he is very engaging with me and loves to share his enjoyment and wants to play with me, but I’m the one who encourages him to talk. He has been in speech since 27 months old and I’m worried that he isn’t going to learn fast enough to catch up to his peers because of his lack of desire to communicate using words. I put so much effort trying to talk to him whenever I can but I’m the only one who puts the effort because we don’t have family nearby. Also, I work full time from home, and during my working hours, we have a nanny and she doesn’t work with him very hard. I’m thinking about sending him to a daycare a few times a week hoping that he will be encouraged to talk when he sees other kids talking. Do you think it will be helpful for him or is it going to backfire since his personality is very reserved? Also, what do you suggest as the best home therapy for kids who are reserved?

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