#260 Should I Focus on Artic or Not with my 3 year old with Autism? A Mom Calls


Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP of www.teachmetotalk.com as she talks with a mom about prioritizing her 3 year old son’s treatment plan.

Here’s part of her original question… Hi Laura. I have a 3 year old diagnosed with autism and is suspected to have apraxia. He doesn’t have much of a problem in the receptive language department, as he understands the majority of what is being asked of him. When he communicates, he usually uses some gestures or words/approximations. He has a little over 50 different words/approximations…but he has yet to say the majority of them accurately. He will verbally communicate what he wants on his own by pointing and naming objects, saying “opo” when he wants something open or “uhpah” for up if he wants to be held or get something out of reach. He does like to label objects, but knows their functions. For example, if he sees a crayon, he will point and say “cay” and if I ask what we do with crayon, he will say “dah” for draw. He will often say the first two letter sounds of words that are usually CV and VC. (ba – ball; pehpeh – pretzel; opo – open; ow – out). He also often deletes the final consonant….

I replied to her questions down the thread in this post: Have A Question? I’m Here to Help!

But today I’m giving her an “on air” consult, especially with models of how to do backward chaining with a toddler. Don’t miss it!

#260 Should I Focus on Artic or Not with My 3 Year Old with Autism?

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