A Tweak Here and There Can Make a BIG Difference!


Over the weekend I received this email from a mom who had previously contacted me about what she should do to help her nonverbal 2 year old. Treating toddlers with speech delays can be hard for parents at home, but with a few tweaks here and there, parents can make a BIG difference. Here’s an update that I LOVE…

Hi Laura,

I received my DVDs and therapy manuals today and I have been watching your therapy tip of the week videos. I have started reading through “Teach Me to Play WITH You” (as much as I could get through today with my toddler and newborn), and I began implementing some games IMMEDIATELY. I am AMAZED at how well he is responding! For the first time I was able to FULLY engage his attention with me vs him trying to play by himself in his own agenda.

At bath time, we got him some animal toys to practice animal sounds while in the bath because he seems more focused then. Well, usually he wants to play with them by himself so this time, in an attempt to get his attention and eye contact, I put the animal on my head and made a very exaggerated fake sneeze and let the animal fall off my head and splash into the tub. He thought this was the funniest thing in the world. He immediately started asking “again!” (Which he never said before) and after a few more times, he started copying me and putting the animal on his own head and making is own (super adorable) fake sneeze and letting the animal fall into the tub and splash. I made sure to narrate to him , “YAY!!” and “SPLASH!!!” With a lot of clapping. He then started clapping too and later in the evening was saying “YAY”. We did not get into working on animal sounds, however we did have a good time interacting and playing which comes first. I am so proud of him!!

I really get it now that I just haven’t been fun enough!

My husband and I will be watching the DVD ” Teach Me to Listen and Obey” part 1 tonight and every spare minute I have I will be reading more and more of your manual. (By spare minute I mean when my son is napping or sleeping and I’m not nursing my newborn or changing poppy diapers.) Dishes and laundry will just have to wait, momma’s on a mission!! I really can’t thank you enough, I have so much hope now, and I feel like I have the proper tools.” 

Wow!! Talk about SUPER FAST progress!! Tweaking a routine (like bathtime) can be MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL for parents. Look for the next post in this series as this same mom asks me how to help with transition issues for making getting OUT of the bathtub (hahaha!) easier and providing a few more tweaks for more opportunities for language learning.

Until next time….



Resources to work with her toddler with speech delay this mom found helpful are: .

Teach Me To Play WITH YOU –  a book with step-by-step instructions for creating FUN games with late talkers

Teach Me To Listen and Obey 1 – a DVD especially for parents of toddlers who have difficulty understanding what you’re saying

Therapy Tip of the Week Videos

A list of all teachmetotalk.com products for parents and professionals


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