#1 Best Seller on Kindle!

#1 best seller

#1 best seller

Today I logged in to find out that the new book I released yesterday is a #1 Best Seller on Kindle!

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If you’re wondering if your toddler has autism, then this book is for you. No parent dreams of finding themselves in your position, not truly knowing what’s going on with your child.

I can help you understand what autism is, and what it isn’t, so that you can begin to wrap your head around this very complicated diagnosis.

With over 20 years experience as a pediatric speech-language pathologist who specializes in treating toddlers and preschoolers ages birth to 4 and through my website teachmetotalk.com, I’ve worked with thousands of families with late talkers. I’ve spent my career helping parents determine if their child has a delay in his or her communication skills, as well as guiding them to know when there are signs that point to something more.

This book will help you begin to sort it all out too, no matter where you find yourself.

  • You may be just beginning to question how your child’s development is progressing and you want to know if your concerns are valid.
  • You may have been worried for a while now and are pursuing evaluations and therapy to address your child’s delays.
  • You may be a parent whose child has been newly diagnosed with autism. This information will point you in the right direction as you seek answers for yourself, your family, and most importantly, for your child.

To demystify autism, I’ve listed the “official” diagnostic criteria professionals use when they assess children for autism and then explained that terminology using every day, real life language.

Because the official criteria can be too “medical sounding,” I’m also including real-life descriptions and stories of how autism looks (and doesn’t!) using the words of parents themselves.

You’ll also see the questions I hear time and time again from concerned parents and I’ll share the same answers I give them.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Is it autism?” I can help you answer that question.


Feedback from readers:

“This is the BEST book on the market for understanding the difference between late-talker or Autism spectrum red flags. Laura Mize, a world famous speech pathologist, explains each area of deficit for kids at risk for Autism. She not only provides diagnostic theoretical descriptions, but depicts real life examples of what to look at 1-4 years range.

As a mom of a 2.5 year old late talker, I have spent hundreds of sleepless nights trying to understand whether my son is showing “just” speech delay, or a deeper development problem. While classic autism is easier to spot at 2, a vast majority of intelligent, social kids diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, only show very subtle deficits in the early toddler years. Laura Mize is here to tell you, in great detail, what differentiates a late talker from an Autistic child.

In addition, her other books depicting normal and atypical language development will also help parents understand every step of language development. I know where my son stands, I know where he should be in 3 moths, and I know when to call for help is he is not hitting the recommended milestones. Thank you Laura for helping parents like me!!!”  Julieta, Mom



“I have really enjoyed your new book, “Is It Autism?” …I would like to share the book with our families who are questioning whether their child has ASD …I found myself unable to put it down and really feel you have written it in a way that is understandable to just about anyone. I provide EI services… Thank you.”  Denise, Developmental Specialist, Ohio



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  1. Julieta on August 2, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    THANK YOU!!!This is IT…this is what all worried parents of toddlers with expressive delay need! I have no words to explain my Gratitude, Laura.

    While classic autism is pretty obvious by age of 2, the high functioning label is very elusive…so most parents flock the baby forums wondering if their kid has autism. Also quite a few toddlers with mild expressive delays do get ASD diagnosis…to get services. It is a very confusing life to live if you have a child who is slightly on the low end of speech milestones…

    You have helped me tremendously with your knowledge…and this book, with detailed real-life examples, will help MANY MANY worried families. Thank you!

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