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#266 Treating Small Groups of Young Children with Autism


Hello!! My summer hiatus is over… the podcast is back and we’re starting this new (school) year with a bang!

Today’s guest is Monae Mayurama, SLP from Las Vegas. She’s developed her own interactive books that she uses in small group sessions with preschoolers. I learned about Monae from an SLP I met several years ago while teaching one of my courses in Georgia. She sent me this glowing email about Monae’s work:

“I started to work in the schools this year and work with an amazing speech therapist Monae. She has taught me so much about working with autistic children, especially in a small group setting.  This has always been a challenge for me, but she has a true gift.

She has authored and designed an entire series of interactive  books and uses them so beautifully in small group lessons to target so many language goals. She has an amazing way of including imitation and receptive targets in her group sessions.

I told her about the work that you do… I also thought she would be an AMAZING guest on your podcast to explain how she is able to target language goals in a group setting and how she is able to work with children on so many levels at once since this is an area of difficulty for many of us.”

I’m excited to talk with Monae and hear all of her tips and I know you will be too! Here’s the show link:

#266 Tips for Treating Small Groups of Toddlers with Autism


Here’s a link for the Therapy Tips of the Week I mentioned during the show with ways to engage toddlers who don’t like books yet:

To check out her books for yourself, here’s the link to her TPT store:

Monae’s Blog with Tips for Making & Using Books

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  1. Monae Maruyama on August 23, 2015 at 10:16 am

    Hello Laura!
    Thank-you again for having me as a guest speaker on your show. Autism is my passion and I love sharing ideas as I know you do as well (thank-you for ALL that you do!). I had mentioned some of the music I use and I wanted to share a little more information about that…

    I’ve been using music from Super Simple Learning for 6 + years. I love it, the kids love it, and it draws out a lot of language and great concepts as well! I have all of their CDs… I do have a list of favorites though and several are on the Super Simple Songs Three CD. I also combine many of these songs with my books. For instance, my book I LOVE YOU, I’ll use the Skidamarink song or my book HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I’ll use the song Happy Birthday. Throughout the school year I will be posting specific lessons, books, materials, and songs that I use for whole group/small group/circle time on
    1 Hello! Hello!
    2 Open Shut Them
    3 Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream
    4 Skidamarink
    5 Happy Birthday
    6 Bye Bye Goodbye

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