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Gear Up for 2017 with Winter Therapy Activities for Toddlers


Hi there! I hope your new year is off to a fantastic start!

I’d like to help you get organized for fun therapy activities for the next couple of months for toddlers with delayed speech-language skills.

I have 2 fabulous tools to share with you!

Winter Activities for Groups of Toddlers
Structured Teaching for Valentine’s Day and Winter Activities for Toddlers

My Therapy Guides are hour-long online videos with FREE CEUs and ASHA credit for SLPs!!

Both projects are FULL of a multitude of therapy ideas to use with young children in therapy sessions or at home to target a variety of goals.

In addition to the video, you’ll receive a pdf with a materials list, suggested goals, and instructions for each activity.

If you need CEUs, you’ll download your forms, fill ’em out, and then return them via email to or by regular mail for a certificate of completion.

Each video has a different focus so let me give you some details:

Winter Activities for Groups of Toddlers provides ideas to target social, cognitive, both receptive and expressive language, motor, and perhaps even speech intelligibility skills in very young children. Although these activities can be adapted for therapy sessions for an individual child, the ideas are PERFECT for small groups of toddlers and young preschoolers. This project begins with excellent, practical guidelines to ensure successful group sessions (perfect for passing along to daycare and preschool teachers as a part of your ongoing caregiver education plan!). I also demonstrate 10 different FUN activities and variations to use for winter and Valentine’s Day activities. These CUTE ideas can easily be applied in a clinical setting, as well as in sessions in homes with siblings or in daycare and preschool classrooms. Moms, particularly those who are like the idea of homeschooling, tell me how much they enjoy the ideas for their youngest children with developmental challenges. Click this link for a video preview and to purchase.


Simple visual, cognitive activities are where we should begin therapy for many toddlers with developmental delays, including those with autism or suspected autism. We often elicit better initial participation with these kinds of activities than with anything else we try. It’s the best starting point for therapy for toddlers with significant social and language delays, but who do have visual strengths – meaning they like apps and to watch videos, but don’t necessarily stick to play with toys, especially when another person is involved!! Structured Teaching for Valentine’s Day and Winter Activities is designed to teach you how to develop these kinds of activities to use in January and February. Once you learn the principles, you’ll be able to tweak the ideas to use throughout the year to help a young child learn to pay attention, participate, and complete an entire activity start to finish. Here’s a video preview and how to purchase.


The best part about these tools is you’ll be set for several weeks of fun with your little friends or own child! It’s cheap. It’s easy. and It’s effective!!





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