Is This More Than Late Talking?

Steps to Building Verbal Imitation

Factors that Indicate a Child is Struggling with “More Than Late Talking”

Have you ever wondered if a child is “just a late talker” or if there’s something more serious going on?

In my course for therapists, Steps to Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers, I discuss the indicators that let us know that a child’s issues are not limited to delays in expressive language (or talking later than other toddlers the same age.)

Here’s an abbreviated summary of these characteristics. You can be confident that this information is reliable because it’s “evidence-based,” meaning that the findings are based on research.

When I first read this study several years ago, it lined up with everything I’ve learned in my 20+ year career working with late talking children. Kids who struggle with these additional areas will have more difficulty learning to communicate.

The problem is… sometimes the expressive delay is all that a child’s parents may have noticed. It’s very, very common for a mom or dad to come to an initial evaluation and report no other concerns beyond “He’s not talking.”

Identifying other issues is extremely important and here’s why:

If we don’t recognize and treat the correct problem, a child may not make progress, even if he’s in speech therapy!   

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be putting together short summaries of each of these areas listed above. I want you to have the best information out there! You’ll know what to look for, when to be concerned, and what else may be going on with a little one with these delays. More importantly, I’ll give you things you can do to make a difference!

I’ve never done a series like this and I’ll want to know what you think! The next one explains delayed cognition. Stay tuned for those posts!!



Are you interested in the course I mentioned? You can get it! Steps to Building Verbal Imitation Skills in Toddlers will explain the factors listed above and get you on the right track for helping a late talking toddler. While this course is designed professionals, many committed parents tell me that they love access to this kind of detailed treatment information, particularly when their child is seeing limited progress in therapy, when a parent wants to dive in to truly understand their child’s issues and do more at home, or when a family has limited access to therapy services.

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  1. betty on April 24, 2017 at 2:59 am

    Hello laura,my son is 28 month old and late to talk.he has words around 35 words but doesnt communicate with them.he just point to things and call their name.but he dosnt point to show and ask.when he needs help he push me to the things he want and he reach.he understand simple instructions.can name most his body parts.can pretend play.has very good eye contact.he loves children and play with them.he doesnt want to be alone.he loves people.but i m worried about he still doesnt know the use of conversation and cant ask his desiers by words and by pointing.pls give me advice

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