#305 This Kid Doesn’t Play! Solutions for Common Problems…Part 3


In this week’s podcast, we’re continuing the series This Kid Doesn’t Play! Solutions for Common Problems. This is part 3 in this series.

Background for this series…

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, young children with language delays don’t seem to want to play with us. This situation might look like a “behavior” problem, meaning that the child is purposefully choosing  not to play with  you. That’s not always the case. On this series of shows, I hope I can help you look at these problems from another perspective. Listen to the first show in this series here and the second show here.

We’ll use this model for helping you address these issues:

  • Discussion of the Problem
  • Similar or Related Situations
  • Possible Explanations for why a child is behaving this way – it’s not the same reason for every child!
  • Multiple Options for Addressing the Issue

Today we discussed these common problems:

PREFERS SCREEN TIME to interacting with people or playing with toys



Listen for solutions here:


If you’d like a written resource with this information, I have just the thing for you! This series is based on excerpts from the last chapter of my book Teach Me To Play WITH You. If you’re a therapist, this will be a fantastic tool to share with parents of children who exhibit these kinds of problems in play. If you’re a parent, this information will help you figure out what’s going on with your child and provide real life, practical solutions to help your little one learn to play with you and then, after interaction is better, learn to talk! (P.S. Don’t forget to use your special coupon code for podcast listeners to save $10 when you get the book!)

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