#315 Parent Coaching… You Can Do It!


In today’s show, I’m reviewing my parent coaching model. Many therapists get caught up in the trap of wanting to coach parents, but feeling uncomfortable and unnatural if it doesn’t go as well as we’d like. Listen to my tips for making this process flow more smoothly for you – and for the families you’re seeing!!

The best part about this model is that it’s EASY to remember & implement. Here are the highlights:

Introduce, Do, Review

  1. “Introduce” the strategy – Discuss the technique and the rationale before the activity
  2. “Do” – Implement the strategy within an activity
  3. “Review” – Talk about how it went and plan your tweaks

Listen here:

If you’d like a more detailed description or to SEE clips of therapy sessions where I’m coaching in REAL LIFE, this information is from my course on DVD “Is It Autism?”

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