#316 Treating Speech Intelligibility in Toddlers


Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.,S., CCC-SLP of teachmetotalk.com for this episode of the podcast as we discuss issues related to speech intelligibility in toddlers.

What’s Normal and What’s Not for Speech Intelligibility in Toddlers

Even toddlers who are typically developing can be difficult to understand! Almost every child uses sound substitutions or their own pronunciations. Learn what’s normal and what’s not with percentages of intelligibility and when specific sounds emerge in toddlers by age range. For example, a 24-month old with normal speech sound development uses 6 to 8 different consonant sounds in the initial position in single words.

You’ll hear “evidence-based practice” with a list of red flags for articulation skills in toddlers. This information tells us when researchers have found that we should work on speech sounds with very young children.

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