Focus on “Better” Not Perfect with Late Talkers

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I bet you’ve heard the saying, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”

In terms of working with late talking toddlers, our version would be, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of better.”

We should always aim for better with late talkers – better eye contact, better interaction, better at following a few more directions, better at being purposefully noisy, better with gestures, and better at imitating…

When all these areas get better, a late talker IS better!

What Goes Wrong

As busy, distracted, and impatient grown-ups, we don’t look for and appreciate better.

We push for “perfect” by insisting that a late talker pop out some new words right this very minute.

That expectation may be way too hard for a child in that particular moment or on that particular day (or week, or month)…

In speech therapy sessions and during everyday routines at home, “better” at anything else counts too!

We should notice and celebrate those things, because those very things are what eventually will lead to talking.

And that would be perfect!



I hope these words gave you something to think about – and even celebrate!

If you need some specific ideas to make all those things I mentioned “better,” I can help! Check out these recommendations. Be sure to use your coupon codes if you’ve subscribed to my email list!




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