Let’s Talk About Talking…Ways to Strengthen the 11 Skills Toddlers Master Before Words Emerge

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Let’s Talk About Talking…Ways to Strengthen the 11 Skills All Toddlers Master Before Words Emerge

In this therapy manual (it’s a whopper at 330+ pages!), learn the 11 prerequisite skills ALL toddlers, regardless of their diagnosis, acquire before they begin to talk.

After receiving overwhelming feedback from my podcast series of the same name, I began diligently working on this written version which I hoped would be an easy rewrite. Not so easy!! I worked and reworked each skill to shape this information into a comprehensive, but uncomplicated, user-friendly manual suitable for both parents and professionals. I’ve poured over every recommendation, every strategy, and added (and added, and added) activities. I even revised some of the skills and the sequence. If you liked the podcast series, you’re going to LOVE this book! You’ll get lots and lots of new material not on the shows. It’s the new and improved version : )

With step-by-step written instructions for tons of FUN and easy-to-implement activities, parents and professionals can be confident in their ability to successfully identify and then strengthen these 11 major skills that encompass all the important social, cognitive, receptive, and expressive milestones that verbal and communicative kids have mastered.

These 11 skills are the “missing pieces” for our little friends who aren’t talking yet. Do you have kids on your caseload (or in your own house!) who have plateaued and seem “stuck” at the same level with no real improvements week after week and month after month? In nearly every case, this can be traced back to a weakness in one or more of these core areas. Even the diagnoses late talking toddlers may eventually receive can be linked back to one of these 11 areas. We may miss it though if we’re not purposefully looking at early language development in this systematic, yet practical way.

I took the “best of” features from each of my 3 previous therapy manuals and included them here…

Like my first manual, Teach Me To Play WITH You, this one is also written in a “homework” format with one-page activities therapists can select, copy, implement with a family during a session, and then leave as a follow-up for parents to refer to for guidance between visits. See a sample page here.

Like my second manual, Teach Me To Talk: The Therapy Manual, this one contains lots of discussion for not only what to do, but how to do it, and why we do it! You’ll be able to explain this information to parents too using everyday language I provide in the book. Each of the 11 skills contains a one-sentence explanation (along with discussion, of course!) for how the skill affects language development. No more guessing…no more trying to come up with the tie in on your own…I’ve done the work for you!

Like my third manual, Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers, this one comes with a CHART to succinctly explain these 11 skills. I know it’s going to become another “go to” reference for SLPs and other therapists who work in early intervention. Other handouts include SIMPLE IDEAS for embedding strategies in a family’s existing everyday routines and a checklist to help you know what to target.

As you can tell, I AM STOKED about this manual. It’s the most relevant, most in-depth, yet easiest to understand, a project I’ve ever produced. I’ve had overwhelming success with it and I know you will too!

Take a look at a sample page in Teaching a Toddler to Vocalize

And here with Teach a Child to Imitate Words with Snacks


Finally – an outline of what’s included in Let’s Talk About Talking


Comments about the book —

“We LOVE LOVE LOVE the therapy manual!!! I feel like I could return to early intervention with just this one manual and know more than several therapists that attempted to work with our son. Oh, if we had found you sooner!” Hannah, Parent and SLP


“It is tricky to explain the pre-linguistic development piece to parents so that they really, really get it. I am only a couple chapters into the new book so I am sure this will help me in this area.” Wendi, SLP


​​​​​​​“I even gave the parents your 11 Skills Chart (because it’s AWESOME) and because there were many deficits in social interaction and pre-linguistic skills that needed to addressed initially.” Dana, SLP


“You’ve done it again with another FANTASTIC resource for birth to 3 therapists. I am not a speech pathologist, but I use this book in my practice as a Developmental Therapist and feel confident in the information I present to families about their child’s communication skills. Thank you!” Brooke, Developmental Therapist


“I am writing you to say a big thanks for your book Let’s Talk About Talking. It’s easy to follow, even for a parent like me who is not able to go to therapy. We are seeing good results with our son who is 2 and still not talking, but now we finally feel like we have some hope.” Dan, Parent


“I am sure you hear this all the time, but I love your resources. The charts from Let’s Talk About Talking have helped me tremendously in my private practice with my early intervention kiddos. It pulls together all of the things I already say to families, but now it’s in one page and super easy for them to understand. Love the treatment ideas in the book too! Keep them coming!” Becky, SLP



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