“Pie in the Sky”… No Thank You!

Did you have pie today for Thanksgiving dinner? I did! Such a yummy treat for this low-carb girl on a holiday!
Even though we all like dessert, nobody likes “Pie in the Sky” therapy ideas for late talking toddlers.
(If that’s a new expression for you, it means things that are pleasant to think about, but completely unrealistic.)
We all want things that work and that are easy to do!
That’s why I wrote Let’s Talk About Talking. I wanted to condense very complicated information – prelinguistic skills (even the word prelinguistic sounds HARD!) – so that parents and therapists would have a blueprint for identifying what’s missing in a kid who’s not talking.
In the book, I explain those 11 prelinguistic skills that all late talkers (even those with a “diagnosis”) have not yet achieved and then I show you what you can do to strengthen those areas.
No fancy materials needed – just a kid, an adult, some toys, and your everyday routines.
That’s it.
You’ll find out EXACTLY what you need to do to help a little one find his voice.
The games are fun and the ideas are very, very doable – I promise!
For more information, read Let’s Talk About Talking…Ways to Strengthen the 11 Skills All Toddlers Master Before Words Emerge. Get it at the pre-sale price for the holiday!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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