Can’t Get a Toddler to Talk Consistently? Try CHOICES! Therapy Tip of the Week 12.9.17

rollin ramp

Do you want a technique that virtually guarantees a toddler will at least attempt a response?


Especially motivating choices!

As soon as a kid can (try to) imitate words, get choices going! You’ll significantly increase the frequency of vocalizations with this ONE CHANGE in how YOU interact with a late talker.

Watch instructions for successfully implementing this powerful strategy in the video below:

In case you’re wondering…

the FANTASTIC toy is from Walmart and is called Kid Connection Rollin’ Ramp. It’s the BEST $19.99 I’ve spent in a long, long time : )

If you need more ideas for using strategies and toys like this one, get my new therapy manual Let’s Talk About Talking… Ways to Strengthen the 11 Skills Toddlers Master Before Words Emerge. On sale through December – big price increase is coming January 1, 2018. Get your copy now and save!



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