Child Not Communicating? Teach Him to INITIATE


Today I met a little guy in a person whose mom has been my guest twice on the podcast with more to come! (I LOVED them, by the way!)

On that first show we reviewed the 11 Skills Toddlers Master Before Words Emerge and identified initiation as a skill he was missing.

UPDATE… Working on that one skill has made a HUGE difference for him!

Even though he’s not yet talking, he is communicating much more frequently with gestures (including a dynamite pointer finger!), is vocalizing with intent more often, and is now approaching his parents to get his needs met. WOW!

Believe me… even while you’re still waiting on words, working on initiation will pay off BIG TIME for late talkers. If you need information about initiation and why it’s important for language development, here’s an excerpt from my therapy manual Let’s Talk About Talking

A child’s ability to initiate is a major diagnostic factor in determining whether he or she is a late talker or if there’s a larger developmental problem.

Toddlers who have severe expressive language delays or speech disorders but with normal cognition, receptive language, and social skills do initiate. They try to get your attention and use whatever means necessary to convey their little messages, even when they’re not understood. This kind of child may invent their own gestures, and even come up with original, consistent, word-like utterances to let you know their wishes. A toddler who is “just a late talker” frequently initiates interaction with other people. Their only problem is using intelligible words. They understand (and exercise!) the interaction piece of communicating.

When there’s a problem with initiation, kids seem passive. Adults may inadvertently reinforce helplessness and foster a child who becomes complacent with underachieving. I’ve seen families of children with known medical diagnoses make this mistake and regret it. We must help children perform at their highest possible level from an early age. We want all kids to know how capable they are! Work on initiation to teach a child just how powerful he is!

Read more in Let’s Talk About Talking. I only have about 200 copies left in stock for this batch. Order your copy today!



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