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#343 Lessons I Learned This Week


Working with typically developing toddlers for 2.5 hours a day all week has reminded me of some very important lessons we can all remember when working with toddlers!

Have a plan. Admittedly, most of the time, your “theme” for late talkers needs to be something like FAMILIAR WORDS – WORDS HE NEEDS FOR EVERYDAY ROUTINES.  Sometimes it can be a little more tailored or specific if Mom’s goals are for her child to tell her what he wants to eat. Your “plan” or goal might be for words – but could be for gestures, initiation, etc…

But be flexible…. Adjust to kids’ activity preference and developmental level.

If you’re “losing” a child, simplify the activity.

When all else fails, sing! Music is universally regulating – can be calming or alerting – choose your song!

Verbal Routines add predictability and structure.  Whether it’s singing or using “catch” phrases before an activity, kids quickly catch on and join in!

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