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Although we think about January 1 as a start to the new year, I get that new year feeling in August too.


I think it’s the idea of beginning again — getting a chance to start over fresh.


Especially when we’ve felt discouraged, worn down, and plain ole’ burnt out.


If that’s you, then I hope that this post will inspire you to make the shift toward feeling that you can begin again too.


At, I’ve written lots and lots of posts in the last 10 years with tips for getting started when you’re working with a late talking toddler. If you want some ideas for how to begin again, then that’s what I’d recommend. Read a few of these and then… get going!






Let’s Make Some Noise!


Can Your Toddler Wave, Point, and Blow Kisses? If Not, Begin Here


What Works to Help Late Talking Toddlers



We had a big beginning in our family this weekend. Our daughter got married!!! Humor this momma for a moment and let me share one of my favorite pictures from our big day…


Can you spot me at the end of the first row on the left? The one who’s beaming and clapping and crying! Yep — that’s me – celebrating a very special beginning.


Today, right now, I’m wishing you a new beginning too!



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