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#346 Teaching a Child To Connect and Respond During Everyday Activities


In this show I’m continuing my podcast series “I Need a Plan” beginning with a review of the 4 big areas we look at with late talking toddlers. Read a post about these skills.

Social and Interaction Skills

Cognition and Receptive Language

Expressive Communication

Speech Intelligibility

When we focus exclusively on these areas without regard to a child’s mastery of easier, earlier skills, kids may plateau. In plain English… when we work on skills out of order, children get stuck and don’t make any progress!

What are Everyday Activities?

In this show and for the following 3 weeks, we’ll look at how to include each area in 8 Everyday Activities for most families including:

  1. Caregiving Activities
  2. Meals/Snacks
  3. Play with People
  4. Play with Toys
  5. Play with Props
  6. Reading Books
  7. Family Chores
  8. Transitions

These activities are described in a beautiful handout from Dr. Amy Wetherby’s team at firstwordsproject. com.

Listen to the show

In it you’ll hear a review of the 4 big areas we treat in toddlers with language delays and for the beginning discussion of how to treat social skills in toddlers during those everyday activities. Next week we’ll continue with the ideas for improving social interaction in detail. Listen here:

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