#347 Strengthening Social Connections in Everyday Routines


In this week’s show, we’re continuing the topic from last show #346 for using my hierarchy for treating toddlers with speech-language delays/disorders.

This week we’re discussing ways to improve a toddler’s social connectedness with other people – especially his parents at home during everyday routines.

First, we’ll review red flags for differences in social interaction. Many times parents miss these characteristics in their own children. Many times therapists don’t point these out because we either don’t recognize them as red flags or we’re too afraid of a parent’s reaction. We’ll talk about that on the show too!

Our overall strategies for improving a child’s ability to respond to you are:

  • Consistently respond to him.
  • Don’t let a toddler “check out” or be alone for long periods of time.
  • Get eye to eye and face to face!
  • Don’t force eye contact and interaction – invite it!
  • Sound fun… less like an adult and more like a kid!
  • Do what a toddler likes.
  • Play, play, play…and then play some more!
  • Limit distractions when you’re working on responding.
  • Be the toy!
  • Avoid power struggles.
  • Lavish love!
  • Be persistent in your attempts to join him.
  • Reward a child’s efforts to respond to you.

Final review… what “counts” as responding?

Remember – Your #1 goal is INTERACTION!

Try activities that involve:

  1. Movement
  2. Music
  3. Sensory Experiences
  4. Social Games

Listen to the show here:

Resources mentioned in the show

Teach Me To Play WITH You

Let’s Talk About Talking

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