Principles for Designing Sessions for Toddlers

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From my new therapy manual FUNctional Phonology

Let’s face it. Anytime we’re trying to direct a toddler’s attention and focus on what we want him to do instead of what he wants to do, the potential exists for it to go badly… as in bomb!

This is especially true when we’re working on speech intelligibility. The very essence of this goal – changing how a child says a word – is somehow very difficult for the child, or else she would have already accomplished this feat on her own. Because this challenge already exists, we have to do everything we can to make working on speech intelligibility as painless as possible for everyone involved – the child, her parents, and the therapist.

I could write an entire therapy manual on the following recommendations, but to keep this section manageable, let’s briefly look at a few principles for designing successful therapy sessions with toddlers:

  1. Keep it Fun!
  2. Keep it Real!
  3. Keep it Realistic!
  4. Keep it Meaningful!
  5. Keep it Moving! 
  6. Keep it Easy (Enough)!
  7. Keep it Going! Involving Families, Teachers, and Other Important People
Not sure how to implement these recommendations? I can help you! Order your copy of FUNctional Phonology to read the specifics!



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