“Watch me!” Not Just for Kids


When we’re working with children, one thing we often say is “Watch me!” Then we perform whatever skill it is that we want them to do.

This is also a very helpful piece of advice as you’re coaching parents…

Give parents
something specific to watch for while you’re modeling a strategy.

Say things like…

“Watch how I use my facial expressions to woo him and help
him want to watch me and make eye contact with me.”

“Watch how I pause to give her a chance to process what I’ve
said and then follow the direction. We’ll see if that helps her do what we ask.”

“Watch me as I cue the /m/ sound while he requests these cookies. I point to my lips as I’m using the /m/ sound and then if he can’t do it, I’m helping him close his lips too. Watch how I do that and then I’ll want you to try too.”

“Watch me as I use what we call backward chaining. That’s where I say the last part of the word first a few times and then get her to add the first part of the word. Let’s see if it works.”

See? (Pun intended…)

With this approach, you’re not depending on the parent to know what to look for and then do. You’re helping them identify exactly what it is that they should be doing with their child.

If you’re already intentionally modeling strategies for parents (and you should be!!) as you work with their children, this is a nice step to add to make your coaching more effective.

If you’re not intentionally modeling strategies for parents and discussing what you’re doing, here’s a great way to start!

Sooo…. The next time you’re about to demonstrate a strategy with a child, stop yourself and say “Watch me!” Not just to the child, but to his or her parents!

It’s easy! Get it going in your next session! I know you’ll see results!

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