Let’s Move!


This week’s podcast is on the fourth prelinguistic skill from Let’s Talk About Talking (on sale now for $10 off!) which is…

Develops a Longer Attention Span

(That show will be released later this week!)

The number one strategy we use to help toddlers learn to extend their ability to participate is movement. When you watch or listen to the show, you’ll hear me say that movement better than anything else we could use to help…

busy kids slow down.
low arousal kids rev up.
stuck kids move on.

​This morning I had to put my money where my mouth is and..


We even had to get out the new toddler-sized bouncy house.

And when your little friend says, “Wawa!” (for Laura)

And points to inside the bouncy, you have to know that’s an invitation you can’t refuse.

So 53 year old Laura did her best to get in and have fun too!

My little friend even added a new verb today… BOUNCE! (Hence, my exaggerated bilabial lips!)

I can’t believe I get to do this job!!!

I’m so blessed!

Blessings to you too…


(Special thanks to my friends Tish and Dylan for a super fun morning.)


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