Finishing Up Fall


I’ve had a blast getting back on the floor this fall!

My favorite fall activities have been…

  • a sensory table filled with (artificial) leaves
  • toddler-sized rakes for raking up all those leaves!!!
  • real-life pumpkins of various sizes for passing to our friends as we sang “Pass the Pumpkin,” modeling simple actions for imitating (rolling, patting, picking up, kissing, kicking, etc…)
  • making play-doh leaves and pumpkins
  • and this super easy craft…


Toddler Fall Wreath


Supplies: one cheap paper plate for every child, scissors, glue, artificial leaves (all supplies from Dollar Tree – so a $3 investment lasted all week!)



Cut out the center of a paper plate so you’re left with the outside circle. (Some toddlers can watch you do this and are fine. Some will try to wrestle the scissors from your hands to do it themselves! Use child-scissors if that’s the case!)


Introduce the activity by showing the child/children the circle and explaining that you’ll be making a wreath. If possible, show them a real wreath for comparison.


Show the child the leaves you’ll be glueing on the wreath.


Introduce the glue and talk about how the glue will help the leaves stick.


Help the child squeeze dots of glue around the wreath.


Help the child place leaves on the dots of glue and push or pat each leaf to help it stick.


Blow the glue to help it dry.


Use a baby wipe to clean little hands who are upset with the glue that inevitably stayed on their fingers. Wipe the table too!


Admire your creation by reviewing all your target words as you talk through your steps.


Target words:  circle, leaf, leaves, glue, stick, squeeze, push, pat, blow, wet, dry, wipe, wash, clean





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