EASY Christmas Tree for Toddlers

Looking for an EASY last minute Christmas activity for toddlers?

This little craft works for lots of kids – even ones who usually reject art activities.

Make a pom pom Christmas tree!

This is what we did this morning in my little group of two 2-year-olds.

It was toooooo easy and took just a few minutes to prep – including the trip to the Dollar Tree – which is next door to our office so it makes it even more convenient.

For supplies you’ll need, 1 sheet of green paper, a small square of black paper, glue, and small colored pom poms.

For the tree, cut out one large triangle from green paper and a small square for the trunk.

Glue the trunk to the bottom of the tree – or have your little one do this with you.

We actually glued our trees to a separate sheet of paper – giving a child another opportunity to make a choice and practice new words like tree, glue, paper, dot, pat, and push.

Now for a toddler’s favorite part…

Squeeze dots of glue on the tree while practicing your fun key words like “squeeze” and “dot.” If a child can, let him do the squeezing or at least help!

Next, let her put the pom poms on the glue dots to decorate the tree.

We call pom poms “balls” around here, rather than ornaments. Have a child request the next pom pom by saying “ball” or “pom pom” or a general requesting word like “more” or “please.”

My two little friends who were here this morning are both (independently) learning color words, so we practiced phrases too – blue ball, green ball, white ball, etc…

We also used two sizes of pom poms which resulted in my little friends calling the smaller ones “baby” as in “baby ball.” Of course you can also label “big ball.”

I love this activity because there were so many language possibilities with such an easy project!

And it’s a fast too so you don’t lose a little one’s attention well before you’re finished.

The trees turned out super cute, but I didn’t get a picture before it was time to go.

Here’s inspiration if you need a visual… my favorite Christmas sweater!

If I had older preschool clients, we’d make the tree multicolored and add the star, but for my two sweeties this morning, what we did was just right.

Wishing you a great week as you finish up before the holidays!













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